Shaanxi Hongda Phytochemistry CO.,LTD was established in January 2001,It is an economic entity subordinate to Shaanxi Hongda Group Company.Specializing in the extraction and Chinese medicine product standardization.

Shaanxi Hongda takes "meeting customer needs, providing high-quality products and
high-quality after-sales service" as its business purpose.After continuous development and unremitting efforts, the company has established good business relationships with more than 40 countries and regions in the world, including Japan, the United States and France.

Selection of luxury materials
Selection of luxury materias
Simple and modern city
Bedroom furniture
Sleeping rooms are warmer
Dining room furniture
To make a comfortable home
Living room furniture
Make a spacious home
Children's furniture
Customized, healthy  of children
Study furniture
Light luxury study,  quality life
An international furniture industry famous brand, the main market in North America, now affiliated to XX group, marketing network has been all over the world Since its entry into China in 2000, it has developed into an American brand in major cities across the country. Its unique collection value and romantic nostalgia have been sought after by numerous taste people
Authentic American design
XX founded M the household, is a mainly by M the designer group, is set in the American family life, according to each place different ethnic groups, different customs, different living habits and different preferences
Wholesale and manufacturer
01, XX to XX group's household, and listed in Hong Kong in the next year, and after that XX household on the market in the M a dramatic growth in turnover, gradually become M state with the leader of the market
CONTACT ADDRESS XXX road, XXX county, XXX city,
CONTACT PHONE 020-000000
CONTACT EMAIL [email protected]
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